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Majicmiju -BIOGRAPHY

Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Michel Juvet , before being a full time passionate photographer has been a recognized economic and financial markets expert and banker. For him, analyzing markets and taking portraits is one and the same : it is about getting the right timing and lightning, and understanding hidden behaviors and emotions. His interests are wide but he likes to focus on fashion , portraits, concerts and street photography 

An award-winning photographer, Michel took home the Geneva prize for Literature in 2012 from the Société Littéraire de Genève for a book entitled Meme le ciel ne pleure plus ( Even the Skies Weep no More ).After a trip to south Kivu in RDC, where he was deeply moved by what he saw , Michel decided to publish a volume on sexual violence in this region. All proceeds of this book sales helped to finance a rehabilitation program in the DRC.

With his usual off-center perspective, Michel seeks to capture life through an unexpected angle. His pictures were published in different Swiss magazines.

Michel received two other prizes , one from the Geneva City for photographing four museums of Geneva , and another one from the Mobile Photography Award company for having taken a mobile picture of London the day of the Brexit, called "after Brexit". 

He published three other books : Paléo Portraits en Pieds, and the Veremonda resurrection in 2016and In 2019 was released  Profond Encounters, a tale of exploration in French Polynesia with Under The Pole expedition

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