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Majicmiju -BIOGRAPHY

Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Michel Juvet is not only an economic and financial markets expert, he is passionate about photography. For him, analyzing markets and taking portraits is one and the same : it is about getting the right timing and lightning, and understanding hidden behaviors and emotions.
An award-winning photographer, Michel took home the Geneva prize for Literature in 2012 from the Société Littéraire de Genève for a book entitled Meme le ciel ne pleure plus ( Even the Skies Weep no More ).
After a trip to south Kivu in RDC, where he was deeply moved by what he saw , Michel decided to publish a volume on sexual violence in this region. All proceeds of this book sales helped to finance a rehabilitation program in the DRC.
With his usual off-center perspective, Michel seeks to capture life through an unexpected angle. His picture were published in different Swiss magazines. Michel received two other prizes , one from the Geneva City for photographing four museums of Geneva , and another one from the Mobile Photography Award company for having taken a mobile picture of London the day of the Brexit, called "after Brexit". 
He published two other books, Paléo Portraits en Pieds, and the Veremonda resurrection in 2016. In 2019 was released a new book, Profond Encounters, a tale of exploration in French Polynesia with Under The Pole expedition

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